I don’t have a credit card. Do you accept other ways of payment?
Yes. For Dutch bank account holders, payments are also possible through bank transfer. Send an e-mail to info[at]kcheng.nl with your order, name and address. And I will personally pick it up from there! This process won’t take longer than a regular order through my webshop. 

Is it possible to receive an invoice?
Yes, after payment is received you can send an e-mail to info[at]kcheng.nl with your order number and request for an invoice. 

Do you sell your products through wholesale?
Yes! Throughout the Netherlands there are shops at which my products are for sale. I’d be happy to add you to my list! Send an e-mail to info[at]kcheng.nl for more info.

Do you sell framed art prints?
Currently not, although that might change in the near future. 

Kwennie Cheng, Amsterdam, NL. 
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