Every Monday I publish a new comic about my life as a female motorcyclist. 

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The name derives from my highschool years. As a teenager I never understood the neccessity to learn certain vocabulary during German class, one of them being ‘das frisierte Moped’: the souped-up moped. But now, more than 15 years later I found its use. Maybe one day I’ll find the neccessity behind ‘Ich habe eind Löffel aus holz’. Who knows.  

In the first year of the comic, it was published as a seven part series in Trouw about my first adventure on my ‘74 Honda CB250: to Paris and back.

Now available: my motorbike’s very own merchandise. Visit my shop to start pimpin’ your moto outfit.  

Kwennie Cheng, Amsterdam, NL. 
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